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Best ways to cure a Hangover !

Posted By PartyNations - Feb 06, 2015


We have all been there, done that; we all hate hangovers, especially those that never seem to end. They are a lot like nagging wives. Only difference is that you can actually drink your problems away when your wife does nag.

Everyone remembers their worst hangover, but no one ever really remembers the remedies that we use to cure those hangovers. Here are some that you might want to consider if you plan on getting wasted again (in no particular order).

1)      Water

As many people will tell you, drinking a lot of alcohol in one night can cause dehydration. To ensure that doesn’t happen, always have a good glass of water after every drink.

This ensures that no matter how much you drink that night, your body will still have enough fluids to keep you hydrated, thus no hangovers. Yay!

Also, drinking water during a hangover helps refill the loss of fluids in your body.

2)      Eggs

One of the most popular ways to cure a hangover is to have eggs. Eggs come with loads of cysteine, an amino acid that helps breaks down toxins in your body. Finally, a reason to visit hipster cafes for brunch! Eggs benedict, anyone?

3)      Tomato Juice

Otherwise known as Virgin Mary; it has been said that having a glass of tomato juice definitely helps against a hangover. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), when you’re consuming alcohol, your liver is too busy breaking down the booze to maintain steady bloody sugar levels.

With glucose being the main energy source of the brain, low levels of it can cause weakness in energy, body fatigue and a generally pissed off mood.

However, one glass of tomato juice has enough simple sugars to get you up and running again. Try not to get distracted and order a Bloody Mary instead ;)

4)      Ginger

If you ever find yourself waking up sitting by the toilet bowl after a heavy night of drinking, a small dose of ginger is all you need (and maybe some breathe mints).

Ginger helps ease indigestion, bloating, vomiting, and even constipation so no more vomit-stained clubbing shoes! 

5)      Greasy Food

We know you LOVE the Lok Lok truck after a night of drinking; we however recommend having a meal BEFORE drinking.


Having a meal before drinking, preferably something greasy helps to slow the absorption of alcohol. The longer time it takes for the alcohol to reach your blood stream, the longer it takes for you to be intoxicated. So cups in the air, everybody let’s say SHOTS!

Well, these are our remedies for treating hangovers. Maybe you might have some crazy ideas on how to cure a hangover too. Leave a comment and lets hear bout’ what you guys do to cure this alcoholic blues..

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